11 Ways to Save Money In Your PPC Account [CHECKLIST]

As a kid, I despised the very idea of “couponing”. When I complained that I was bored, my mom often put me to work with coupon books. I spent hours poring through them identifying products we used, clipping out the offers and organizing them alphabetically. The only thing worse than searchign for them was actually using them. With coupons, you never buy a normal quantity of the featured item. It was mortifying to parade through the supermarket with our cart piled high with “couponing wins”—which often featured a lifetime’s-worth of toothpaste and enough toilet paper to serve a small army.

Now that I’m responsible for my own finances, the tides have turned. I’m certainly no champion couponer, but I definitely shop with an eye out for good deals. And man, it sure does feel incredible to watch the register and see the “amount owed” decrease when those discount codes are applied.

Unfortunately, when it comes to paid search, coupons are tough to come upon. Luckily, there’re still plenty of discounts you can take advantage of. We created this 11-step checklist as a go-to resource for anyone looking to stretch their PPC budget a little further. These tips will require a little more elbow grease than the average coupon, but it’ll be well worth it when you see how much you’ve saved!

Click here to get this checklist as a printable PDF!

money saving checklist


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