Tesla Model X Air Suspension Demo


This is a demo of the air suspension found in my Tesla Model X P90. The suspension allows you to adjust ride height based on conditions. It is tied to the GPS so you only need to set it once. The next time you are at that location, the Model X will auto set itself to that height setting.

For example, the church I go to has a very steep drive ramp. The Model X will automatically rise to its highest setting as I approach it, and lower itself back to default once back on the main street. It’s “set it and forget it” cool!

Use my Tesla owner’s link to get $1,000 off a new Model X or Model S. This is on top of any federal rebates. That’s a potential savings of up to $11,000, which could pay for a nice family vacation. However, I used it to add the Ludicrous Speed option. 🙂



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