How I’m Creating Priceless Memories In Costa Rica

On my last blog post, I said I will have a funny video to tell about Sally getting her own room at the MOBE resort. Well, here is the video.

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle vlog, I talk about how living the Dot Com Lifestyle allows me to create priceless memories. Everyone thinks this is all about the money. The truth is the money is just a by product. The real benefit of living the Dot Com Lifestyle is worth far more than that.

Want to live the Dot Com Lifestyle and create your own priceless memories? Then go apply for my Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle coaching program. This is a 21 step program designed to help you make your first $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, and even $10,000 online. I’ll even give you a one on one coach to work with you and help you. I look forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world.

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